Piotr Garstecki,
 Associate Professor
 Research Group web page
  • B.Sc. in Mathematics, 1996 - College of Science at the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics, 1998 - College of Science at the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • Ph.D., 2002 Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
  • D.Sc., 2007 Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Education and training:
  • 2002-2005 - Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University
Research areas:
  • Microfluidics
    - Formation of bubbles and droplets
    - Applications to material science
    - Flow through networks
    - Lab-on-Chip applications
  • Dynamic Self-Organization in Complex Fluids
    - Control of screening efficiency in electrolyte solutions
    - Self-Assembly based on charge-charge interactions
    - Self-Assembly based on dipol-dipol interactions
    - Self-Assembly in blends of complex fluids
Selected Publications:
  1. T. Szymborski, O. Cybulski, I. Bownik, A. Żywociński, S.A. Wieczorek, M. Fiałkowski, R. Hołyst, P. Garstecki, "Dynamic charge separation in a liquid crystalline meniscus", Soft Matter, 5, 2352 (2009)
  2. P. Garstecki, M. Cieplak, "Swimming at low Reynolds numbers-motility of micro-organisms", J. Phys. - Cond. Mat., 21, 200301 (2009)
  3. M. Fuerstman, P. Garstecki, G.M. Whitesides, "Coding/decoding and reversibility of droplet trains in microfluidic networks", Science, 315, 828-832 (2007)
  4. J. Szymanski, A. Patkowski, A. Wilk, P. Garstecki, R. Holyst "Diffusion and viscosity in a crowded environment: From nano- to macroscale", J. Phys. Chem. B 110, 25593-2559 (2006)
  5. P. Garstecki, G.M. Whitesides, "Flowing crystals: nonequilibrium structure of foam", Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 024503 (2006)
  6. P. Garstecki, M. Fuerstman, H.A. Stone, G.M. Whitesides, "Formation of droplets and bubbles in a microfluidic T-junction - scaling and mechanism of break-up", Lab Chip 1, 437 (2006)
  7. P. Garstecki, M. Fuerstman, G.M. Whitesides, "Oscillations with uniquely long periods in a microfluidic bubble generator", Nature Physics 1, 168-171 (2005)
  8. P. Garstecki, H.A. Stone, G.M. Whitesides, "Mechanism for flow-rate controlled breakup in confined geometries: A route to monodisperse emulsions", Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 164501 (2005)
  9. W. DiLuzio, L. Stern, M. Mayer, P. Garstecki, D.B. Weibel, H. Berg, G.M. Whitesides, "E. coli Drive on the Right" Nature (London) 435, 1271 (2005)
  10. P. Garstecki, R. Holyst, "The scattering patterns of self-assembled cubic phases. I. The model", Langmuir 18, 2519 (2002) and "The scattering patterns of self-assembled cubic phases. II: Analysis of the experimental spectra", Langmuir 18, 2529 (2002)
Total number of publications: 47
Number of patents: 4